Cloudscape Brazil 2015

The Cloud at your Service: How business and research are innovating in the cloud

1-2 December 2015  -  Address: Rua Lauro Müller, 455 Botafogo |Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brasil

Cloudscape Brazil 2015, taking place on 1-2 December at the Brazilian Center for Research in Physics (CBPF), Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro, is a 2-day workshop giving public entitites and companies essential and unique insights into what cloud services means for their organisation today.

The event showcases an impressive array of cloud user stories, from cutting-edge research in the life sciences to newcomers competing with established players. A strong focus is on how cloud federated infrastructures are enabling researchers to tackle major societal challenges, from neglected diseases and cardio-vascular diseases affecting mostly poor groups to understanding the role of biodiversity ecosystems in buffering climate change. The resulting services simply would not be possible without international co-operation. 

The number of start-ups in both Brazil and Europe is rising rapidly, bringing innovation and growth prospects. The cloud plays a big role here as it lowers the entry barrier to almost every sector. Cloudscape Brazil 2015 offers a forum for start-ups and looks at how new opportunities can help take outstanding research results to market. 

Cloudscape Brazil also zooms in on European and Brazilian co-operation priorities, cloud computing and big data strategies with insights from policy makers in both regions. 

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► Registration is open!

► Agenda and presentations

Cloudscape Brazil will comprise keynotes from international experts in research and cloud infrastructures, policies, end-user success stories, industry and research polices and panel discussions on selected topics. The agenda is still under contruction: please check these pages for updates!

► Submit your position paper

We are collecting position papers from all Cloudscape Brazil participants and stakeholders. This will give you excellent visibility both at the event and through the EUBrazil Cloud Connect portal where your paper will also be published.

► Demo and Poster Area

Demos and posters from all Cloudscape Brazil participants and stakeholders will be showcased at the event and through the EUBrazil Cloud Connect portal. 

► Venue and logistics

Cloudscape Brazil will take place at the Auditorium Brazilian Center for Research in Physics (CBPF), Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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