Infrastructure Manager

The Infrastructure Manager (IM) is a tool that ease the access and the usability of IaaS clouds by automating the VMI selection, deployment, configuration, software installation, monitoring and update of Virtual Appliances. The source code is distributed as open source under the GNU General Public License - version 3.0. Due to the difficulty to find an homogeneous way to access the different cloud deployments, the IM has added a new abstraction layer to enable the interoperability with different IaaS clouds. This layer has been designed using a plug-in scheme to ease its extension. It currently provides plug-ins for: OpenNebula, OCCI, Amazon EC2, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Docker, OpenStack and libvirt. This set of plug-ins enables the access to a large number of cloud deployments and virtualization platforms, thus enabling the user to start using a simple virtualization system and then transparently migrating to the cloud.

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