Venue & logistics

The venue: Auditorium RDC (Computer Science Department), PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


TecGraf PUC-Rio map



Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225

Prédio RDC

22453-900 Rio de Janeiro/RJ


Cloudscape Brazil networking cocktail will be held on the sixth floor of the TECGRAF building at 7 p.m.


How to reach RDC Auditorium from PUC entrance

To reach the Tecgraf building, the better entrance is by Padre Leonel Franca.

By public transportation. A good option is to use the Metro buses connecting the PUC University to the General Osório station (located in Ipanema) and to Botafogo station. See

By taxi, some options are:

Taxi Gávea 2512‐5228 / 99362‐7886 (Alberto)

UniGávea, a taxi cooperative located in front of PUC‐Rio Padre Leonel

Franca entrance: 99210‐8834 (Pedro)

Pedra da Gávea: 2511‐6325

Visa Application

Holders of passports of the European Union do not require a visa to visit Brazil up to 90 days for tourism or business purposes (unless otherwise noted). An identity document is accepted instead of a passport in some cases. A full list of the types of Brazilian visas can be found on a Brazilian Consulate's website.








Please read carefully the documentation that you are required to submit. Please also visit the official Official Brazilian's Consulate web site and follow all instructions there.

If you require a support letter from local organisers, please send complete details including Name, Surname, Organisation, Country, Passport Number and Expiry Date together by email to Please note that you must complete registration first. Visa applications can take some time to process and EUBrazil Cloud Connect organisers cannot be held liable or responsible for any delays.

Official Brazilian's Consulate web site:

Attention! Daylight Saving Time starts on 19 October 2014!