Scope & Objectives

EUBrazil Cloud Connect is a project funded under the second Eu-Brazil coordinated call under the topic a) Cloud computing for Science. Its aim is to create an intercontinental federated eInfrastructure for scientific usage. This e-Infrastructure will join resources from different frameworks, like  private clouds, supercomputing and opportunistic desktop resources to offer the community high level scientific gateways and programming models.

Ignacio Blanquer, European coordinator, introducing EUBrazil Cloud Connect

The overarching objective of EUBrazil Cloud Connect is to drive cooperation between Europe and Brazil by strengthening the scientific and knowledge-based society as key to sustainable and equitable socioeconomic development. The core of this collaboration is defined through the scientific uses cases selected, which will require the collaboration between Brazil and Europe in the provision of data, services and expertise. None of the 3 use cases could feasibly be taken forward without the cooperation between Brazilian and European entities and without the availability of computing and data resources.

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EUBrazil Cloud Connect consortium

EUBrazil Cloud Connect consortium at the kick-off meeting at LNCC, Pétropolis (RJ)

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