Alain Franc

INRA, France

We have an experience on designing mathematical based tools and making them available for scientific community of biologists. We offer a service connecting tools for taxonomic inventories, reference databases, over a galaxy server. It can be available on the cloud, and cloudskape Brazil. The topics we address are  biodiversity pattern as well as pathogen identification (as soon as reference database do exist).

Alain Franc has been working for thirty years in ecological modelling and evolutionary biology. He has a background in applied mathematics, and a phD in biostatistics. He has been involved in plant ecology, mainly trees, and for about twenty years now diversity of trees in French Guiana.

He is working on patterns in biodiversity, from population structure to species complexes and community inventories, and even biomes. He is leading a INRA group in BioGeCo in Bordeaux working to design tools using High Performance Computing  in order to build inventories from large sets of sequences, and to design biodiversity patterns.

Tools work on laptops, clusters, the European Grid Infrastructure and, more recently, implementation on European Fed Cloud is ongoing. They are able to work with very large data sets of reads, as currently produced by NGS, for taxonomic inventories, opening access to metabarcoding on a Galaxy server.