Felipe Matos

COO of Start-Up Brasil, Brazil

"I will be happy to bring my experience and curiosity and get in touch with other cloud enthusiasts from all over the world in order to make more innovative solutions to come out to the world. If you want to bring a start-up do Brazil or to develop one here, come talk to me!"



Felipe Matos is COO at Start-Up Brasil program, an initiative of the Brazilian Government to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Brazil. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, technology and education. Serial entrepreneur, he has played several roles in the entrepreneurial ecosystem: founder, angel investor, venture capitalist, educator, accelerator and policy maker.

He founded Startup Farm, one of the leading startup accelerators in Latin America, that have supported hundreds of startups and thousands of entrepreneurs all over Brazil.

Matos works with startups since 1995. He founded the first Latin American mobile application, Girando, in 2000. In 2002, he co-founded Instituto Inovação: one of the first tech accelerators of the country, that also has business units for innovation consulting, technology transfer, corporate education, and venture capital investments. Dealing with both management and technical skills, he has managed hundreds of projects related to technological innovation for both startups, governments and large corporations.