Harry Seijmonsbergen

Dr. A.C. (Harry) Seijmonsbergen Assistant Professor, Computational Geo-Ecology, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystems Dynamics, University of Amsterdam (UvA) The Netherlands

Harry Seijmonsbergen was born in 1961 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and studied physical geography at the University of Amsterdam(1980-1987). During his PhD (1988-1991), he developed methods for the evaluation of natural hazards in Austria, Peru, Spain, Luxembourg and Switzerland. He worked in the SCAPE EU-funded project for improvement of Ski-monitoring in the European Alps, and numerous government funded engineering geology projects on mass movement hazards.

He supervised numerous MSc students and PhD students in geomorphology, rock fall modelling, Object-Based semi-automated landscape classification and geo-ecology. Harry Seijmonsbergen has a long practical experience and a publishing record of over 80 refereed academic, academic and professional papers in journals and conference proceedings in the field of GIS and remote sensing-based landscape mapping, change detection and vulnerability analyses. Currently his research focusses on geo-ecosystem functioning by analysing digital terrain models (DTMs), Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA), geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing, especially focussing on LiDAR technology.