Israel Cruz

Israel Cruz, Senior Researcher, WHO Collaborating Centre for Leishmaniasis, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain.

"Great part of my work has been as a part of a multidisciplinary team, thus I am really used to identify which aspects of different disciplines have a value for our work on neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). My value-add will be that of the final user, identifying possible new applications and tools contributing to a better management of NTDs."

More than sixteen years’ experience in the field of Leishmaniasis, getting involved on different aspects of this and other neglected tropical diseases.

Has participated in several field missions on different countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America; most of them in collaboration with the World Health Organization. Consequence of his research activities are about 30 national and international research projects and more than 36 journal publications related to Leishmaniasis and Chagas disease.

He is currently a participant in the Use Case I (Leishmanaisis Virtual Laboratory) of the EUBrazilCloud Connect project; and with Brazilian colleagues from FIOCRUZ is also involved in another action among European, Brazilian and African researchers: ‘LeiSHield-A New Collaborative Action to Determine Prevalence, Anticipate Emergence and Assess Urbanization of Cutaneous and Visceral Leishmaniasis in LeishRIIP Partners Countries’ granted by the Institute Pasteur International Division.

He is part of the WHO/Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office roster of experts on leishmaniasis, and International Collaborator of the LMMP-Lab of Molecular Medical Parasitology (Kasr Al- Ainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt). And member of the Spanish Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health- SEMTSI, and the British Society for Parasitology-BSP.