Michael Stanton

Director of Research and Development at the Brazilian NREN (RNP)

Michael Stanton is Director of Research and Development at RNP, the Brazilian national research and education network. After a Ph.D. in mathematics at Cambridge University, he started his higher education career in Brazil in 1971, and since 1994 has been professor of computer networking at the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro state. Beginning in 1986, he participated in kick-starting research and education networking in Brazil, which included linking a nascent national network first to BITNET in 1988 and then to the Internet in 1992. During this period he helped set up and run both the regional network in Rio de Janeiro state (Rede-Rio) and RNP. After an 8 year absence, he returned to serve RNP in 2001, with responsibility for R&D and RNP involvement in new networking and large-scale collaboration projects. During this period, RNP has deployed a modern optical infrastructure providing high-capacity services for nationwide and international collaboration.